Did you know that at 14 weeks along your baby is already 2 inches long?  That’s about as long as your pinky finger!  He weighs about one ounce and his kidneys are already working, purifying his system.

His heart has been beating for over two months but now he may be big enough that it can be detected on ultrasound or via a special amplifier your doctor uses.  He is happily floating in amniotic fluid, protected and safe.

Your emotions may swing wildly right now, primarily because your hormones are all over the map.  If you are considering adoption for your baby, you may feel up one day about it and down the next. This is normal.  A decision like adoption is one best considered by the facts, not by emotions.

If you need some help, download So I Was Thinking About Adoption to learn what open adoption is like and if it is the right choice for your baby.