Pregnant woman in her third trimester happy for finding genius pregnancy hacksEven if you might not feel like it, your pregnancy will go by in a flash. You can save money and spare yourself the cost of temporary fixes with our favorite pregnancy life hacks. Once your baby arrives, you’ll be happy you don’t have a box full of pregnancy gear gathering dust!
These the life hacks will help you survive pregnancy: the nausea, the aches and pains, and the difficulty bending: all made easier with just a few simple little tricks.

1. Try Kinesio Tape for Back Pain

Did you know that basic Kinesiology tape can do the same job as a supportive belly band? Plus, it’s much cheaper. We recommend having a physical therapist, chiropractor, or athletic trainer tape you the first time. You can wear Kinesio tape for up to 5 days, then remove and re-tape as necessary.

2. Turn Your Sneakers Into Slip-Ons

Wearing your workout shoes during pregnancy comes with a lot of benefits (we love the cushioned support!). Avoid having to bend over to tie your shoelaces by using Xpand laces instead. These laces allow you to adjust them to your desired tension, so you can slip-on your sneakers with no hassles every day!

3. Apply a Cooking Oil for Itchy Skin

If you run out of your favorite baby belly oil (or decide to skip it altogether), coconut oil, olive oil, or grapeseed oil will do the same thing. To achieve that pregnancy glow, raid your kitchen pantry and smear on whichever oil you have on hand after you shower.

4. Create an Everyday Bag

So, you’re probably focused on packing your hospital bag. But there are plenty of essentials you’ll need during your pregnancy too. This is especially true if you’re experiencing morning sickness, heartburn, or indigestion.
Load up your everyday bag with snacks, chewable antacids, ginger candies, and anything else you need to get you through a rough day. To stay prepared, keep this bag in your purse.

5. Prolong the Life of Your Bra

You don’t need to buy all new bras right away or invest in expensive maternity bras. Try these affordable bra extenders instead to account for your expanding bust line.

6. Schedule All Your Prenatal Appointments Now

“Pregnancy brain” is definitely a thing, and it happens. It’s easy to forget to book your glucose screening or second-trimester ultrasound. Avoid this by scheduling them all at once so you know exactly when the next few are scheduled. Plus, booking all your appointments now allows you to make a plan with your employer for time off.

7. Stock Up on Snacks You’ll Crave

Fill your kitchen with pregnancy craving staples like ginger ale, pickles, french fries, and ice cream. That way, when the urge for a certain food pops up, you (or your partner) won’t have to race to the gas station at 3 a.m. You’ll thank yourself later!

8. Make Showers Hassle-Free With Kitchen Tongs

When you’re pregnant, your center of balance will shift as your belly grows. This means you’re more prone to dropping your soap or shampoo bottle in the shower than ever before. Bringing a pair of kitchen tongs with you into the shower will make the grab much easier!

9. Treat Yourself to a Silk Pillowcase

Getting up and out of bed becomes quite a feat by your third trimester. Sleeping on a silk pillowcase will help you move more easily (and get up in the middle of the night multiple times to pee!)

10. Keep Snacks by Your Bedside

There may be nights when you need to eat in bed and mornings when a few saltine crackers make all the difference for your morning sickness. Keep granola bars, nuts, crackers, or other non-perishable snacks on your nightstand.

Do you have any favorite pregnancy life hacks that didn’t make it to our list? Please share them by leaving us a comment!