get 10 easy-to-follow tips for your healthy pregnancy!There’s so much info out there, in books and online, about how to have a healthy pregnancy! Here are 10 simple, easy-to-follow tips so that you can have a healthy pregnancy and delivery:

  1. Avoid drinking alcohol and taking drugs. If you’re a smoker, quit right away. Ask your OB-GYN about safe methods for how to stop smoking while you’re pregnant.
  2. Ask your doctor what medicines are safe to take when you’re pregnant. Be sure to tell your doctor about ANY medication you’re taking, including over-the-counter medicines or herbs. Some of those can cause birth defects.
  3. Take a prenatal vitamin every day, and ask if you should also take a vitamin D supplement.
  4. Make nutritious eating a priority. You’ll need extra calories while you’re pregnant to keep you and your baby strong and healthy. Check out our article “8 Tips to Live By for Healthy Pregnancy Nutrition.” You might also ask your OB-GYN if you could have a consultation with a dietitian.
  5. Stay active and avoid becoming a “couch potato.” Unless your doctor has advised you not to, you can do activities like swimming, walking, dancing, and prenatal yoga. Exercise keeps your body strong and flexible. Choose whichever type of pregnancy exercise that’s right for you. However, don’t do risky activities like contact sports, downhill skiing, and fair rides. Check out 5 Easy Pregnancy Exercises You Can Totally Rock!
  6. Drink lots of fluids because getting enough hydration is important right now. Drink 3 to 4 cups of milk (or a calcium-infused beverage) per day. Drink plenty of water-you’ll know when you’re properly hydrated if your urine is clear to pale yellow.
  7. Rest whenever possible. Pregnancy zaps a lot of your energy! So, there will be times when you feel really tired. Resting helps.
  8. Write in a journal or blog about your pregnancy, so you can reflect on your thoughts and feelings during this time.
  9. Read about the early signs of labor; that way, you’ll know what to expect.
  10. Take a childbirth class. Ask your healthcare provider about local childbirth classes. Most of the time, the hospital you’re delivering at will offer a tour of the labor & delivery area, as well as childbirth info. Being proactive and learning all about childbirth before you go into labor will help you feel more in control and confident!