woman on bed rest reading a bookThere are a variety of reasons why your doctor might put you on bed rest. Some women go on bed rest because they’re showing signs of premature labor. Others are facing an issue like pre-eclampsia. Laying around for weeks or months on end might seem like a dreadful task, but it’ll pass by faster than you think. You will survive bed rest, with some help and some surrendering!

Here are 5 tips for surviving bed rest while still keeping your sanity:

1. Get the details

Your doctor should have given you instructions and guidelines for your bed rest. For example, can you do everything but lift things that weight more than five pounds? Or did your doctor say you’re not allowed to leave the bed for anything but bathroom trips?

Be sure to get clear instructions and a list of do’s and don’ts. For example, some pregnant women on bed rest have to use a wheelchair when they’re visiting the doctor. Take notes, because “pregnancy brain” is a real thing.

2. Set up a meal train

If you’re the main cook in your house, going on bed rest might be difficult for your family. Ask for help: you might ask a family member or a close friend to organize meals for your family.

Try using the site MealTrain.com. The site allows people to sign up for meals simply and easily. It’ll let you know who’s coming, when they’re coming, and even what kind of meal they’re making!

3. Invite visitors

Ask your friends and family over to visit, because bed rest can get SO boring. Scheduling visits will give you some social time and help ease your boredom. Play a game, have tea, talk, but just don’t feel like you have to be the perfect hostess.

You’ll probably need extra help with chores since the laundry and dishes don’t just stop for bed rest. Some women on bed rest have chosen to have a helper come over once a day for an hour at a time. LotsaHelpingHands.com allows you to share what your needs are and the times of day you need help or visitors. People can then just sign up to help you.

4. Binge watch your fave show

OK, so tip #4 is probably something you already planned to do on best rest. But it’s worth mentioning that entertainment can make the time go quicker. Ask friends for their suggestions on their favorite movies or show. Binge-watching a fabulous show helps hours of bed rest go by pronto.

You could also ask a friend to check out some books from the library for you or borrow some great books from them. Write letters to relatives who live far away, do a crossword puzzle or color in an adult coloring book. Learn how to knit or crochet, or something else crafty.

5. Let it go

Realize that you can’t do it all from your bed. Your home might get messy and chaotic: surrender to the chaos. Your house can be messy for a little while.

Your bed rest is only a short period of your life. Right now, delivering a healthy baby is more important than household chores.

Bed rest isn’t going to be the end of the world. It’s a short-term fix for a long-term goal. Be honest, reach out, relax and let things go. You totally deserve the rest you’re getting!