7 safe ways to boost your energyMany pregnant women feel so tired that just getting up for work every day becomes difficult. The first trimester is usually when you’ll feel super-tired, and it may reappear during your third trimester. The good news is that there are some natural, safe ways to boost your energy:

  1. Keep up with a healthy diet and lifestyle. Try nutritious and satisfying foods with anti-inflammatory abilities, like organic fruits and vegetables.
  2. Avoid processed foods as much as possible
  3. Don’t eat simple carbs, such as white bread
  4. Keep well-hydrated by carrying water with you wherever you go
  5. Exercise every day, even when you feel tired. Cardio exercise like brisk walking will almost always make you feel more alert, and even more so if you walk outside.
  6. Go to bed at a time that’ll let you get eight to nine hours of sleep a night.
  7. Nap whenever you can! Even small “catnaps” of 15 to 20 minutes during your breaks at work can be energizing.

Talk to your doctor if you’re pregnant and suffering from persistent fatigue. They may want to run tests to make sure you don’t have anemia or hypothyroidism.