Woman who can't sleep snuggles a pregnancy pillowWhoever said, “You better sleep now because you won’t get much sleep when the baby comes!” has clearly never been pregnant. If you’re getting near to the end of your pregnancy, then you know getting a good night sleep is virtually impossible right now. Here are 8 reasons why:

1. So many trips to the bathroom

Right now, your bladder capacity is at an all-time low because of your growing baby. Plus, it seems like the urge to pee is bigger at night than during the day.

2. Your baby likes to practice karate at 3 am

Maybe she is rehearsing for tryouts to the Rockettes, or maybe she really is trying to torture you. At eight months along, many women have shared that their baby seems to enjoy busting out leg workouts in the middle of the night.

3. Pregnancy insomnia

The inability to turn off your brain just might be the most frustrating sleep disruption. As if your daytime hours weren’t already focused on all the anxiety-inducing realities coming, night brings new strength to those looming concerns.

4. So many pillows

When you’re pregnant, experts recommend tucking one pillow under your bellow, another between your knees, and a third behind your lower back. Before you know it, you become so trapped by pillows that the idea of changing positions is just too much effort.

5. Heartburn

It’s like there’s a fire in your esophagus, which only gets worse when you lay down. Get our tips on coping with pregnancy heartburn here https://pregnancyhelponline.com/how-to-deal-with-heartburn-during-pregnancy/

6. Restless legs

Around a third of pregnant women have a condition called restless legs syndrome (RLS). It’s that itchy, pulling, burning, urge to move your legs. It’s like your legs are screaming to run a marathon even though you get winded walking up a flight of stairs.

7. Strange dreams

The final trimester brings with it some of the strangest, chilling dreams of your life. From the bizarre to the horrifying, you’ve never been so thankful for the morning.

8. Hunger

Yes, you had dinner, plus assorted snacks. But once 1 am rolls around, your stomach starts growling for more.

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