Is it true that you could be in labor and not even know it?Is it true that you could be in labor and not even know it? The short answer is yes. Many checklists to determine if you’re in “real labor” say that if it’s real, you shouldn’t be able to talk during your contractions. But this isn’t an exact science: it’s uncommon but possible to have painless labor. Here’s what to watch for if you’re wondering whether you’re really in labor:

Painless Contractions With a Rhythm

Just like with a normal labor, contractions are rhythmic, so you can time them. If you’re able to time your contractions and see a pattern, you may be in real labor.

Painless Contractions Increasing in Force

One woman who went through a relatively painless labor for the first stages says, “My contractions started right after dinner and grew in intensity and frequency as the night passed. I wasn’t in pain, but the squeezing sensation they gave me was super-intense. I quickly went from being able to walk through the contraction, to literally having to stop walking every few steps.”

Know that if you need to stop doing what you’re doing during a contraction, you might be in real labor.

Contractions are Painless, but Grow More Uncomfortable

As your contractions get stronger and happen more frequently, you’ll get even more uncomfortable. Some women who have experienced a “painless labor” feel as if they’re going to pee each time a wave of contractions arrived. If this happens to you, then you might actually be in labor.

The truth is this: “real labor” can be different for every woman.

If you’re feeling any of the symptoms listed above and aren’t sure whether or not you’re in labor, call your doctor! The last thing you want to happen is to start crowning in the middle traffic!

And don’t worry about being a nuisance to the hospital staff and being sent home. If you have even the smallest hint that something could be going on, call your doctor or healthcare provider! The info in this article isn’t meant to replace medical advice, and we’re not medical professionals.