pregnant woman talking to doctorIt’s pretty important that you communicate well with your doctor during pregnancy. Since pregnancy and delivery are individual experiences, you need to be able to ask your doctor any questions you might have. Some of these questions may be:

  • What’s your opinion about natural childbirth?
  • Are there routines you perform on every patient? (such as an enema or fetal monitoring)
  • Who do you have to provide patient care for you while you’re away?
  • Are there other doctors I will meet or who will take care of me?

Tell your doctor your concerns and worries. Talk about whatever is important to you. Your doctor has experience from hundreds or thousands of deliveries and so drawing on this experience is for your well-being. They have to consider what is best for you and your baby, while also trying to honor any special requests you may have. Don’t be scared to ask any question; your doctor has probably heard it before. It’s important to ask about your requests ahead of time, even if it turns out that they may be too risky for you. If your request is possible, then you can plan for it together with your doctor.