Question: I’m five months along and lately I’ve found that I get more tired than usual when I’m exercising or doing heavy cleaning. Should I stop?

Answer: Yes! Not only should you stop when you get tired, but you should stop before then if possible. Working yourself to the point of exhaustion while you’re pregnant is never a good idea. Overwork takes its toll not only on you but on your baby as well. Pay careful attention to the signals your body gives you. If when you’re jogging you become breathless, or find that the vacuum suddenly feels like it weighs a ton, take a break.

Remember to pace yourself. Work or exercise a bit, and then take a rest. This way, the workout or the chore gets done, and you won’t feel drained afterwards. Getting enough rest is more important than keeping your house white-glove-test clean or serving four-star dinners. So, let others “baby” you when they offer, and get an extra hour or two more of sleep each night.