Need advice on telling your parents you're pregnant?“I really need some advice. I am 16 and pregnant. My boyfriend is 17 and he’s the only person who knows about it.
I’m 8 weeks along and haven’t gone to a doctor yet. I am so scared to tell anyone, especially my parents.
I’m dreading the idea of telling them because I come from a well-educated family of ­doctors and teachers. I’m an honor student and plan on becoming a doctor myself. Everyone’s expectations of me are high and having a baby would disappoint everyone.
I thought about getting an abortion, but my parents are totally against that and very religious.
I am scared and in a huge state of denial. I need some advice. Please help. Thanks for listening to my problem.”

We know you’re probably so frightened. You might have even rehearsed what to say over and over again. Remember, you and your boyfriend are both pregnant. This is not just your problem.
In our experience, telling is one of the hardest parts, but the sooner, the better. Once the news is out, a lot of pressure and fear lessens. Families begin to accept the reality of the pregnancy. They look at the options and make new plans. Early, good prenatal care is an essential part.
Breaking the news can be done in several ways. It’s better to choose some time that would allow them to digest this news. You can tell them alone or together with your boyfriend.
Your parents are not the only parents to be informed. Your boyfriend may ask you to go with him to tell his folks. You must decide which parents to tell first.
I don’t know your exact age difference, but that could prove to be a legal problem for your boyfriend. The more responsibly he acts, the better off all of you will be. I assume your parents know this guy’s age and have allowed you to date him.
You don’t have to give up your dreams, but they will take a back seat for a while. Both of your lives will change. Take some time to explore your options, including becoming a parent, getting an abortion, or making an adoption plan.