Pregnant woman standing outside, looking down at her belly wondering how could adoption benefit my baby?It’s safe to say that every parent wants what is best for their child. For some, adoption is the most caring choice they could make. Placing a child for adoption is not selfish or a decision that is made casually. Birth parents decide on adoption because they want the best possible life for their child.
Deciding whether to parent or place your baby for adoption can be a difficult, emotional time in your life. And sadly, there are still misunderstandings about how adoption actually works. So if you are thinking about adoption, it may not be clear how adoption could benefit your baby. You might be grappling with questions like, “Could giving up my baby really be what is best for her?” or, “How can I be sure my baby will be safe and happy?”
However, once you learn the true face of modern, open adoption, it’s easy to see the many benefits adoption offers your baby:

1. Your baby will have loving, stable adoptive parents.

At Lifetime Adoption Agency, adoptive couples must complete a home study that includes background checks, interviews, and home inspections before they can adopt. All of Lifetime Adoption’s hopeful adoptive parents are qualified and excited to provide a loving home for your baby. So, any adoptive couple you see on their website has already passed a screening process to ensure they can provide the best life possible for your baby.
The process of adopting can be long and expensive for adoptive couples. So their investment in the adoption process shows their commitment to you and your baby. It also shows that they have enough financial security to give your baby a comfortable life.

2. Your child will have financial security.

The adoption home study also includes an assessment of the adoptive couple’s finances. So you can rest assured that any adoptive parents you choose for your baby can afford the costs that come with raising a child.
Financial security can provide your child with opportunities they may not have had otherwise. And your child won’t feel the stress that comes with housing or food insecurity. Instead, she will benefit from a healthy lifestyle that comes from access to regular healthcare and being able to afford better nutrition. With her basic needs met, your child has a chance to thrive. In addition, she may have the opportunity to attend college, grad school, or even travel the world.

3. You put your child on track for a bright future.

With open adoption, you’re able to choose adoptive parents that you feel would be a perfect fit for your child. Lifetime Adoption Agency works with hopeful adoptive parents all across the US. So whether you prefer a family who lives a busy, active city life or family from a quiet, rural town, you’re in control over the environment you want for your child.
The adoptive parents have the time and resources to nurture your child’s talents and interests. Many hopeful adoptive couples have plans for the adoptive mother-to-be to become a stay-at-home mom since they’re financially stable enough to live off one income. Children with a stay-at-home parent who regularly talks and reads to them benefit by developing vocabulary and social skills more quickly than children who don’t have that foundation. So, your child will have a running start on her schooling. As your child grows older and gets interested in music, sports, or other activities, her adoptive parents will have the time, finances, and energy to support her.

4. You can still be in your child’s life.

Many people don’t realize that you can remain a part of your child’s life when you choose an open adoption plan. The amount of contact you keep with the adoptive parents and your child is up to you. Open adoption will benefit your child by providing this special relationship. Since you’ll remain a part of your child’s life, you’ll never have to wonder if she is safe and happy.
Your child will know how she came to be adopted from day one, so there won’t be any secrets or mysteries about her birth family. She will know that she is loved both by her adoptive family and her birth family.
Multiple studies have shown that adoptees with positive relationships with their birth families have a more positive self-identity and are more well-adjusted. Since open adoption allows you to stay in touch, you’ll be able to help your child understand her birth history and medical history. If you choose adoptive parents of another race, you can further help your child build a positive cultural identity.

Lifetime Adoption Agency has been helping women with adoption since 1986. So if you’re wondering, “How could adoption benefit my baby?”, call or text Lifetime at 1-800-923-6784 to speak with a caring adoption coordinator today.