pregnant woman with pregnancy cravings eating picklesSome women find themselves craving certain foods during their pregnancy. Craving a particular food could be both good and bad. A piece of advice is to eat the food you crave in moderation if it’s nutritious and healthful. Obviously, you’ll want to avoid eating food that’s bad for you. If you find yourself craving foods that are high in fat and sugar and loaded with empty calories, be careful. Let yourself have a little taste, but don’t go crazy. You could try eating another food (such as a piece of fresh fruit or some cheese) instead of indulging in your craving.

We don’t yet fully understand the reasons why pregnant women might crave a certain food. A theory is that the hormonal and emotional changes that happen during pregnancy are the cause.

Some women also experience repulsion to certain foods during their pregnancy. Some foods that you ate without problems before your pregnancy may now make you sick to your stomach. This is pretty common. Hormones are believed to be the cause of these food aversions; hormones in the gastrointestinal tract may affect your reaction to some foods.