women share their absolutely weirdest pregnancy symptomsHere at Pregnancy Help Online, we’re asked some downright strange pregnancy questions and get literally funky comments. But that’s the beauty of the Internet: you can share info and ask questions anonymously. Plus, it fosters a great sense of community, even if you live in a totally remote area. So today, we’re sharing some of the absolutely weirdest pregnancy symptoms we’ve heard. Of course, we’ve removed names and any identifying details.
“Everyone knows me to be a Type A person, but pregnancy made me so calm. I was the most laid back when I was pregnant that I’ve ever been in my life.”
“My taste buds completely changed. I discovered I liked something I totally hated before. So I started trying all the foods!”
“I got these strong urges to smell chemicals. My sister is a nurse, so she made me ask my OB-GYN about it. Thank God she did, because it turned out I had low levels of iron!”
“Most women I know go up a shoe size or two during pregnancy. Well, just one of my feet grew! So I ended up buying shoes that fit my bigger foot and wear an insole for the other foot.”
“My leg hair got really dark and thick, like little razor blades popping out of my legs. I felt like I had to shave every day!”
“I became violently nauseated at just the smell of chicken for the first 12 or 13 weeks. I’d go into the break room at work and could instantly tell if someone had re-heated chicken in the microwave! So for a while, it was pork, red meat, or vegetarian food only. I didn’t even know that chicken had a smell before I got pregnant.”
“I had lots of snot and boogers when I was pregnant. My doctor said it was normal, and caused by an increase in blood flow. But I was so annoyed and embarrassed!”