woman having 1st trimester morning sicknessThe media always shows us photos of gorgeous pregnant celebrities with glowing skin and tiny baby bumps. But rarely do we hear about the uncomfortable and obnoxious 1st-trimester pregnancy symptoms women experience each day. Often, we keep these symptoms hidden from family and friends because, really, who wants to hear about them?

Other pregnant women do, and those hoping to get pregnant! So, here’s our list of 1st-trimester pregnancy symptoms no one wants to hear about, and how to deal:
1. Morning Sickness.
It’s like having the stomach flu and not being able to keep any food down. Just thinking about a certain food or drink makes you want to barf. And, it lasts for around a month, not just the morning, but 24/7! If you’re suffering from morning sickness (AKA “all day sickness”) right now, check out these helpful tips: What to Eat When You’ve Got Morning Sickness, Morning Sickness? Here’s How to Deal, and 10 Tips to Manage Morning Sickness.
2. Exhaustion.
Most books will tell you about pregnancy fatigue, which makes you think it’s just an extra yawn and stretch. But ask any woman who’s been pregnant: fatigue in the first trimester is no joke. “If I could’ve taken a two-hour nap each day, I would have. Sometimes I got nervous I’d fall asleep while driving, I was that tired!” one woman tells us. If you’re getting easily fatigued during your pregnancy, check out these ideas: 7 Safe Ways to Fight Pregnancy Exhaustion and How to Cope With Your Pregnancy Exhaustion.
3. Constipation.
OK, so this one is definitely one no one wants to hear about! But it’s so uncomfortable, we’re not going to ignore it. Here are some possible fixes: get foods with plenty of fiber and drink lots of water. But if you can’t keep any food down, this doesn’t help! You could ask your doctor if it’s safe for you to take something like Miralax or stool softeners. We’re not doctors, so please don’t rely on us for medical advice. Make sure to ask your doctor!