super pregnant woman in third trimester looks up at sunThere’s a lot to love about the summer: lazy days at the pool, barbeques with friends, and giant slices of watermelon, to name a few. Truly, the brightest of the whole year.
Except if you happen to be in your third trimester during summer months. Then, summer becomes a whole new experience, focused on battling swollen ankles while eating ice chips and counting the days until fall.

Hot weather and a baby bump. What’s a girl to do? Here are a few tips for staying cool, hydrated, and sane in the heat:

1. Welcome the A/C

If your home or apartment has air conditioning, crank it up! If you don’t, you can find A/C at the library, the mall, or a friend’s house. Being pregnant during the hot summer months is no time to try and save a few bucks on your utility bill.

2. Stay Hydrated

Getting dehydrated is your worst enemy, especially when you’re pregnant and especially in the heat. You can avoid dehydration by being proactive and drinking copious amounts of water. If you get tired of drinking water, try infusing your water with fruit or drinking through a straw.

3. Embrace the Maxi Dress

Flowy, cotton, maxi dresses are where it’s at, so stock up!

4. Stock Up on Ice

You’ll soon learn that ice is your best friend. And it’s not just for your drinks. For swollen ankles, try an ice-filled foot soak in the evening. And when it gets too hot to sleep, you can snuggle up with an ice pack!

5. Water is Your Best Friend

Try cooling off in the pool, the shower, with a sprinkler in the yard, using a spray bottle. Any of these will help you avoid overheating.

6. Start Early, or Get Out Late

When you’re pregnant during the summer, your best bet is to get up while it’s still cool. Do any household work, errands, or exercising you need to do earlier in the day. In the middle of the day, just relax in A/C. If you still have things to do, finish them up once it cools down again at night.

7. Eat Light

Try eating smaller, more frequent meals. This paces your metabolism and keeps your body from straining itself. Luckily, there are lots of fruits and veggies with high water content in season during the summer!
Do you have any tips for surviving a summer pregnancy that we missed? Please share them in the comments!