Pregnant woman looks at her phone at our 3 most popular blogs while sitting on a park benchThere’s no doubt that pregnancy is a life-changing event! Being pregnant affects every area of your life, and changes your body. Right now, your mind might be spinning with tons of questions, like,

“My period is late… am I pregnant?”

“What should I pack for the hospital?”

“What’s it like to have a c-section?”
Our blog walks you through all three trimesters of your pregnancy, answering all of these questions and more. Pregnancy Help Online has SO much information available, but all that info in one place might leave you feeling overwhelmed.
So today, we’re going to share Pregnancy Help Online’s 3 most popular (and useful!) blog posts. They’ve been popular with many women who are figuring out this whole pregnancy business, just like you. Because let’s face it, when you’re going through a life change as significant as having a baby, it helps to know what’s been beneficial for other pregnant women.

1. Can You Be In labor and Not Even Know It?

The truth is, lots of the checklists out there to find out if you’re in “real labor” say that if it’s real, you shouldn’t be able to talk during your contractions. But this isn’t an exact science: it’s uncommon but possible to have painless labor. In this blog, we cover what to watch for if you’re wondering whether you’re really in labor!

2. Why Epsom Salt Baths During Pregnancy Are So Great

When you’re preggers, Epsom salt baths feel amazing! It’s a natural remedy for aches and pains and is completely safe for pregnant women. Just make sure that the water temp is comfortable but not hot; it’s dangerous to raise your body temperature too much when you’re pregnant. In this blog, we share why Epsom salt baths during pregnancy are so great!

3. I Love Chinese Food! But Can I Eat it During Pregnancy?

Tons of people love Chinese food, so it’s no surprise to us that this blog is popular! If you’re obsessed with Chinese food, then it’s time for you to explore whether is it safe to eat during pregnancy. The main concerns behind the advice to avoid Chinese food are the freshness of the ingredients and the possibility of the presence of MSG.

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